Awarded Title – Graduation

The type of Master’s Diplomas awarded by this Programme follow the current norms of Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki. The final overall grade is descriptive, ie: Excellent (8.5-10), Very Good (6.5-8.49), Good (5-6.49). The numerical grade are calculated as the weighted average of the grades in the ten courses of the programme and the Master’s Thesis.

The graduation ceremony takes place in front of the President and the Deputy President of Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, the Director of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Department of Informatics.

The Master’s Diploma is printed on fine parchment paper. Students who are awarded the Diploma are required to cover a fee of 30 euros payable to the Research Committee of TEI for purchasing the paper and printing the title. Upon payment of this fee the students are entitled to receive two extra free copies of the Diploma, in addition to the original title. For any new copy of the Master’s Diploma or for the issuance of transcripts of records by the Secretariat of the Programme, students will have to pay a fee of 3 euros to the Research Committee of TEI. The above mentioned fees can be changed without notice by the Special Composition General Assembly (SCGA).